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Conversation English


EMAK offers you the unique steps that accelerate your mastery of the English Language through its top notch qualifications that speed and enhance language acquisition the way natives communicate.. Our courses are combination of general English, conversational English and business English in one package Call a training advisor now and learn how to enroll.


EMAK English courses are accredited by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) - UK.


All adults and young adults who are looking for a better communication in English in general.

Common European Framework (CEF)
We use theCommon European Framework (CEF) to help you describe what you can do in English.

What is the Common European Framework (CEF) and how can it help me?
CEF Can do statements describe what you can do at different levels of competence, they help you:

  • evaluate your own progress
  • set realistic goals
  • demonstrate your English level to your employers
What are learning aims and how can they help me?
we set learning aims linked to the CEF for all our courses

  • each of our courses have a set of learning aims
  • learning aims are short-term skills development goals
  • learning aims focus you and your teacher on specific areas for language development
  • learning aims are used in conjunction with a coursebook
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How do I register?
To register for a course, all new students must take a placement test which consists of both a written and a spoken section.

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